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Andrew Pavel, by all outward appearances, lives a normal life. He has a beautiful wife, Erica, and two great kids, Nathan and Eileen. His brother and sister are his best friends and his parents drive him crazy. But behind closed doors, normal is slipping away from a depressed and anxious Andrew. Nathan’s recent diagnosis of autism leaves Andrew grasping at therapies and Erica in denial. Their differences lead them to seek a divorce. And just when Andrew could use some emotional support, his parents announce that they’re going through their own divorce.

As events unfold and relationships continue to evolve, past secrets come to light, threatening the positive level that Andrew and Erica have struggled to achieve. The tested bonds of friendship and the fragility of family prove that change, no matter how subtle or volatile, is unavoidable. Andrew must learn that when things will never be normal again, you have to find a new normal, and make peace with it, before you can find peace in yourself.


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Praise for Slip:

“Savko’s debut is an engaging read with an honest approach to difficult subject matter.”  – Kirkus Reviews

“A 21st-century, up-close-and-personal look at the complexities of being a single parent raising an autistic child.” – Kelly Howell, author of Deep Insight

“Correctly mirrors the lives of many parents struggling with a diagnosis of autism for their child. Eventually, calmer days do come to pass, and one sees the wonderment, strength and beauty of a child living with autism.” – Genevieve Athens, Executive Director, Autism Society of Oregon

“Engaging…a story of commitment and betrayal, responsibility and perseverance. Slip lures you in.” – Rogue Books